Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eden Is The New Couple's Retreat For Fun Times

It seems that right now the new King Midas in Hollywood is Jon Favreau, he took the Marvel comics Iron Man character and turned it into a super franchise, now he brings a little bit of comedy to the silver screen, Favreau and long time friend Vince Vaughn have written what may be, at years end the funniest movie to open this year, "Couples Retreat" is by far, the stand out comedy hit it is sure to become.

Four friends and their wives make a journey to a tropical-island resort to help one of the couples, Jason (Jason Bateman) and Cynthia (Kristen Bell) try to save their marriage. Dave (Vince Vaughn) and Ronnie (Malin Akerman) appear to have the best marriage of the group, they seem happy together and have two really super cute kids Kevin (Colin Baiocchi) and Robert (Gattlin Griffith). Joey (Jon Favreau) and his wife Lucy (Kristin Davis) seem to have the most problems. Although Shane (Faizon Love) is divorced from Jennifer (Tasha Smith) he is involved with a younger woman, Trudy (Kali Hawk). When Jason approaches the group to ask them for a favor they are reluctant at first to help, then they decide that they all do deserve to go to a tropical island for some fun in the sun. what they don't realize until it is to late is that they must participate in the group sessions or they can't partake of any of the islands more exotic scenery.

The fun starts almost right away when the four couples get to the island, they notice that on the other side of the island is loud music, young people having fun and lots of liquor. During the group sessions things start to turn from good to not so good to down right nasty, Dave and Ronnie find that their marriage isn't so perfect, Joey and Lucy find that they both believe the other is to blame for their problems, and Shane comes to terms that he may just be to old to keep up with Trudy, he does love her enough to try to find her when she goes to the other side of the island, but he discovers that an old love is the one he wants and needs. Jason and his Cynthia discover that his being in control so much is the one thing standing in their way and when he is just oh so close to losing her he finds that being in charge isn't all that important when you really do love the other person.

Along the way to these discoveries though the couples have one hilarious adventure after another, Jason and Dave are in the ocean when sharks start to swim to close for Dave's comfort, an they all enjoy a yoga class taught by, Salvadore (Carlos Ponce) an Adonis in his own right. He convinces the three girls who are also looking for Trudy to join him at Eden East. Dave who sells video games has to out duel Stanley (Peter Serafinowicz) at Guitar Hero so he doesn't call Marcel (Jean Reno) to tell them the couples are not on Eden Est but instead tramping all over Eden East looking for Trudy. When this comedy romp is over every one of the couples will be happier then when they first came to Eden, things don't go from bad to perfect but they do get somewhat better for all involved.

Shane tells Trudy that he is not the man for him and as he turns away he spots Jennifer walking towards him, she has come to the conclusion that while she was the one who cheated and filed for a divorce it is in fact Shane that she loves, coming to terms with the fact that you ruined the love with the one person who is your soul mate can be a very hard thing to discover. Joey and Lucy have found peace within themselves to allow them to love their partner. Dave and Ronnie have discovered a new peace in their love life as well, they find that things don't have to be so neat and tidy, while Jason and Cynthia also discover a little less order in their lives can fulfil their every need. Ah true love wins again.

I give Couples Retreat a 3 and on my avoidance scale a 0, their is so much here to find amusing, the fact that Shane who is a huge man by any means can use the phrase Bang Bang with Trudy is as fun to watch as it is to imagine. Vince Vaughn, while not one of my favorite actors is slowly creeping in there, with his performance in Into The Wild and here he is making me sit up and take notice, and what can I say about Jon Favreau, except damn your good at your craft.

Couples retreat is rated PG-13 for sexual Content and Language
Running time is 1 hr. 47 mins.


Jen said...

I'm rediculously shocked that you dug a Vince Vaughn movie...

lora said...

it was nice movie. i have some reviews and all of them are negative. because of one attractive review i went to see it. yes, it was funny.