Friday, April 24, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Get Obsessed

Every so often movies come out that just bring out the beast in everyone, the newest movie that will try this is "Obsessed." I know I am included in the large group of people who go on and on about Hollywood constantly cranking out drivel over and over again, but the truth is as long as we go sit through the endless stream of these movies they will continually be made. This movie will get a huge audience it's first week and then hopefully fade away.

Successful businessman, Derek (Idris Elba) receives a huge promotion, is happily married to Sharon (Beyonce) and they have just bought a nice house out in the suburbs. When Derek arrives at work he meets Lisa (Ali Larter) in the elevator, she is the new office temp. Derek pays little attention to Lisa until the next day when his regular assistant Patrick (Matthew Humphreys) gets the flu, Lisa becomes his new temp assistant. Derek at first thinks she is proficient and helpful, he will soon find out the depths of her insanity. When Patrick is well enough to come back, the offices lead Secretary, Marge (Bonnie Perelman) goes out with the flu, so of course Lisa gets her desk. The game starts one day when Lisa is alone in the lunch room and Derek walks in, she is crying and Derek asks her why, she tells him its boyfriend trouble. The day of the office Christmas party comes and of course spouses are not allowed at the party, Lisa dances with Derek and when he goes into the bathroom, she follows him in, she pushes him into one of the stalls, she rubs against him and pulls his shirt from his pants, Derek reacts like most men would, he pushes her away. (RIGHT).

He goes home to his wife, and starts to tell Sharon about what happened, she stops him when she tells Derek about what is going on with her sister and her cheating husband. He thinks it will all just go away. The next day back in the office, Lisa acts as if nothing happened at the party, Derek wonders what is going on until he goes to leave and Lisa gets into Derek's car, she opens her coat and Lisa is wearing nothing but a bra and panties, Derek yells at her that nothing is going on and to get out of his car. The next day Derek tells his best friend in the office, Ben (Jerry O' Connell) what has been happening, and because Derek had married his last female assistant, Ben tells him not to make waves. He of course thinks Lisa is one "smoking hot piece of meat." When Joe Gage, the firms president takes Derek and Ben to a convention, of course Lisa shows up, when Derek tells her to leave she drops a drug into his drink, later that night as Derek is passing out, Lisa comes into his room and in an eerie scene she rapes Derek. Later that afternoon when the firm is having a meeting Lisa has a hotel staff member go into the meeting and tell Derek his wife is here, when Derek comes out he finds Lisa there, he screams and stamps his feet and tells her that she is crazy that NOTHING is going on.

He walks back into the meeting and that night when he gets back to his room he finds Lisa overdosed in his bed. His concern for her is shown when he yells "come on bitch wake up." He calls 911 and they rush Lisa to the hospital, Sharon unable to reach Derek calls Ben and finds out that there has been an accident, fearing the worst she rushes to the hospital, to find a detective questioning Derek. Detective Reese (Christine Lahti) doesn't believe that a man wouldn't take advantage of Lisa, and makes it clear she doesn't believe Derek. Sharon also makes it clear she doesn't believe him, she throws him out of the house. Months go by before Sharon is even willing to talk with Derek, in the mean time we see detective Reese question Lisa, we also see as her belief in Lisa's story crumbles. Of course we see where the movie is heading, when Derek and Sharon return from their first date in three months they find that Lisa has been in the house and has taken their baby Kyle. Sharon and Derek run around the house looking for Kyle and find him in the baby car seat in Derek's car. The confrontation, when it comes is predictable Lisa makes in into the house again, even though they have added a new security system, Sharon forgets to set it on her way out and when she is reminded returns and finds Lisa in their bed. The two women fight it out, going back and forth, the fight goes from the bedroom to the landing, down the stairs to finally in the attic.

I give Obsessed a 2 and on my avoidance scale a 1, watch this movie at home, so its easy top walk away from. When a couple things are shown in the beginning it's clear that they will come into play sometime during the fight, a weak floor board in the attic is pointed out right at the start of the movie and a few minutes later some movers bring in a huge glass top table, this is paid to much attention and we know what will happen to it later. Or we should. The movie ends with Sharon walking from the house as Detective Reese drives up. Everything is over she says, can taking a life be this easy? NO it isn't.

Obsessed is rated PG-13 for Sexual Material Including Some Suggestive Dialogue, Some Violence and Thematic Content
Running time is 1 hr. 32 mins.

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