Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mankind Takes It's Battle To Peaceful Terra

Today Hollywood has several ways to try to get their message of the moment across, today's method is a message in a cartoon, in the 3D cartoon "The Battle For Terra" we get a hidden more subtler message of greed and what it brings to everyone.

On the beautiful planet Terra, peace and tolerance are celebrated. Huge animals that resemble whales float in the sky, everyone gets along. Mala (Evan Rachel Wood) is a young girl, who is best friends with Senn (Justin Long). The two spend their days in contest with each other, the planets inhabitants are a kinder gentle people who look like a cross between amphibians and tadpoles. The inhabitants of Earth have exhausted the resources of their planet and those of two others, they are now searching for a new home. When this Earthforce discovers that the use of a Terraformer will make Terra habitable for humans they decide that they will just take it, never mind the climate change will kill all the creatures that live on Terra.

When the Earthlings embark on a hostile invasion of Terra, Mala's father, Roven (Dennis Quaid), is kidnapped. Mala is chased by a ship, she leads it into a trap, when the ship crashes Mala takes the survivor, the human pilot named Jim (Luke Wilson), back to her house and hides him. Back on the Humans ship, that is falling apart faster and faster each day, General Hemmer (Brian Cox) has decided that it is best for everyone, human that is, if he just turns the planet Terra into Earths new home base. Mala along with a robot named Giddy (David Cross) help Jim get better, of course at first when Jim wakes up he is scared but when Mala once again saves his life, Jim realizes he is with friends. Of course Terra wasn't always peaceful, they once had weapons and wars, Elder Orin (Mark Hamill) hides this fact from most of the people on Terra, he only shows Mala, cause she had contact with the humans. When Jim wakes up Senn sees him and runs and tells the elders, they come to her home looking for him. Mala takes Jim to where his ship crashed, but its gone, they follow tracks and find a hidden base, they barely escape when the people of Terra reveal themselves to be as capable of violence as humans are.

Back on the humans ship Jim is hailed as a hero back on his ship, General Hemmer asks him to help defeat the planets inhabitants. Jim tries to tell him that the people are mainly peaceful. Mala being curious about where her father is leaves the ship to look for him and is captured. General Hemmer forces Jim to make a choice when he places Jim's brother into the same room with Mala, the air that Mala breathes is poisonous to humans, if Jim hits a button the air will turn to oxygen and save Jim's brother but kill Mala. Jim presses the button but tells Giddy to save Mala. When Mala escapes General Hemmer uses that excuse to force the council to declare war on Terra. President Chen (Danny Glover) is against it, so Hemmer takes control of the council himself. He sends his fighters to attack the planet but this time, thanks to Mala, they are ready to defend their home. Of course the battle takes a turn for the worse when Jim sees who he is shooting at, Mala is trying to save Senn and has flown between Jim's ship and Senn's. The outcome of the battle is a little bit overdrawn and violent, Jim decides he can't allow the peaceful people of Terra die. The finale brings forth the one means that both races can live together.

I give The Battle For Terra a 3 and on my avoidance scale a 1, wait and watch this movie with your children in your home, this way you can stop it at certain scenes and let your children talk about what they are seeing. The message that this movie brings is a little bit harsh for the younger viewers that it is garnered towards, most kids won't think about the hidden meaning in the movie. The carton is shot in both 2d and 3D, there is little difference between the two. The battle scenes in space are spectacular and are worth the cost of admission alone, but that's about all to look forward to seeing. You will be amazed at what the younger kids see, that as adults we miss.

The Battle For Terra is rated PG for Sequences of Sci - Fi Action Violence and some Thematic Elements
Running time is 1 hr. 30 mins.

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