Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pivens The Goods Isn't All That Good

Comedies that don't make you laugh are useless, when the punch line doesn't have any one laughing out loud then the movie fails, so seldom does this happen, that its very surprising when it does, so to go see a movie that stars who I think is one of the better supporting actors in his first star role and walk out thinking what the hell was that, the movie fails from the very beginning. "The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard" is a comedy that fails in it's one simple task, it just doesn't make you laugh, this is because it's not funny.

Don Ready (Jeremy Piven) is a Used-car liquidator, he comes in and sells cars, so when Ben Selleck (James Brolin) calls and asks Don to come help save his lot in Temecula, Don and his friends head out to sell Ben's cars. Dons crew consists of Jibby Newsome, (Ving Rhames) Brent Gage, (David Koechner) and Babs Merrick. (Kathryn Hahn). They come into town and agree to sell the cars for Ben, he is scared that he will lose his lot to the bank. His daughter, Ivy (Jordana Spiro) is against Don and his crew coming to save the lot, she makes it clear to everyone. Ben also has a ten year old son Peter (Rob Riggle). Peter has a gland problem and he has the body of a thirty year old man.

Don comes in and on the first day they sell several cars, the lot has a few guys on it that work for Ben they are Teddy Dang (Ken Jeong) Dick Lewiston (Charles Napier) and Blake (Jonathan Sadowski) whom Don thinks may be his son. The jokes with Babs and Peter are disgusting, she makes comment after comment that she wants to have sex with Peter who remember is only ten. Don hires a DJ (Craig Robinson) to spin some music for the sale, he plays what he wants when he wants, he has a problem taking requests. Ben makes the same tired gay jokes toward Brent that just get dull and boring. Of course Don has a secret that he tries to hide, he was responsible for the death of his best friend, Will Ferrell in what is the movies funniest cameo. The movie has a few small jokes in the first half that some people may find funny, but the movie loses it's focus and the jokes get just plain stupid. Of course complications occur and the owner of a competing dealership Stu Harding (Alan Thicke) is trying to buy Selleck's lot. It seems that Stu's son, Paxton (Ed Helms) who is part of a boy band and is dating Selleck's daughter Ivy, needs a bigger space in order to rehearse his group in.

Sadly I give The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard a 0 Jeremy Piven alone couldn't save this dull boring movie, the writing is inane and the plot moves so slow that it feels like the movie won't ever end. Of course when Don faces his demons he concurs them. The lot is saved when Don talks Paxton into buying what may be a old relic of a car from a movie. The movie is full of stars that have been in better movies, there are at least three stars of the movie The Hangover and if you remember what I gave that movie, The Goods makes Hangover look like Gone With The Wind.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard is rated R for Sexual Content, Nudity, Pervasive Language and Some Drug Material
Running time is 1 hr. 29 mins.

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