Friday, January 1, 2010

From Ho Ho To Ho Hum As Hollywood Gets Set For January And February

This is usually the time of year where Hollywood releases the rest of it's films that didn't or couldn't muster an earlier release date. January usually is a month of blah weather and an assortment of blah movies. While February lacks the blistering coldness of January the films released in February also seem to lack something. Usually a good plot. This year doesn't look any better than previous years at this time. Sit back and try to catch up on some of the better movies of 09 that you might have missed out on.

January brings Vampires and the messiah, A spy next door and the tooth fairy, A trip to Rome and to Ireland. What ever your fancy, you may find something for you in January. But if you do see something that interests you on this list, my suggestion is don't wait to see it, the movie may be gone in a blink of the eye. And for some that won't be quick enough.

January 01st
The White Ribbon (Wide)
January 08th
Bitch Slap (Limited)
Crazy On The Outside (Limited)
Leap Year
Youth In Revolt
January 15th
The Book Of Eli
Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil
The Last Station (Limited)
The Spy Next Door
January 22nd
Creation (Limited)
Extraordinary Measures
To Save A Life (Limited)
The Tooth Fairy
January 29th
Edge Of Darkness
When In Rome

February brings Crazies and A prophet, Lovers and takers, A wolfman and an Olympian. Some of these movies will appeal to an older audience, this is after all the month of love. Hollywood won't disappoint you this month, there are several movies slated to be released with the Love Story Theme. God Help all us guys.

February 05th
Dear John
From Paris With Love
I Love You, Philip Morris
February 12th
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Saint John Of Las Vegas
Valentine's Day
The Wolfman
February 19th
Shutter Island
February 26th
Cop Out ( A Couple Of Dicks)
The Crazies
The Takers

This is, again only a partial list that has been published as of this posting. Dates are subject to change on the whim of the Hollywood machine. Movies are still a great form of family entertainment. Why now, when families need to have something interesting to sit and watch, are the smaller Independent Film Companies being closed down? Why does Hollywood think we are not ready to witness another Slumdog Millionaire but that we will sit through a movie based on board games and comic books? Because it is true, movie goers will flock in the hundreds to see a Transformer or Iron Man movie but only in the dozens to see a well made independent movie. I challenge you to search out a smaller independent movie and tell me that it wasn't a better crafted more intelligent movie.

The Cynic

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