Sunday, November 1, 2009

As The Weather Gets Colder Hollywood Heats Up.

Hollywood has a habit of saving the best movies until the end of the year, I for one can only say thank God. So far this year has not been overly great for movies. Finding five movies to place on a best of 2009 list was hard enough, Finding ten was next to impossible. Thankfully November and December will bring about twenty movies that could fit the list. For the older more mature audience member take a deep breath and relax the good movies are coming.

November brings comedy, and horror, alien abduction and world destruction and vampires and werewolf's. Some of these movies are sure to be playing long into the coming weeks, some maybe even months. I'm sure that every one will find at least one movie this month that they will be talking about for several weeks.

November 06th
A Christmas Carol
The Box
The Fourth Kind
The Men Who Stare At Goats
November 13th
Pirate Radio
November 20th
The Blindside
Broken Embraces (Limited)
The Messengers (Limited)
Planet 51
Red Cliff (Limited)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
November 25th
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Me And Orson Welles (Limited)
Ninja Assassin
The Road

December brings cartoons and musicals, Nelson Mandela and the Morgans and avatars and Sherlock Holmes. I'm sure that many of these movies that are going to be released in December will find a wide audience to spend their hard earned money to watch them over and over again. I can spot at least three that I will want to see at least twice.

December 04th
Everybody's Fine
December 11th
The Lovely Bones
The Princess And The Frog
December 18th
Did You Hear About The Morgans?
The Young Victoria (Limited)
December 25th
Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakuel
A Single Man (Limited)
The Imaginarium Of Doctor Panassus
It's Complicated
Sherlock Holmes
Up In The Air (Limited)

Several of the movies scheduled to be released during this time frame will earn Academy Award nominations, and several will disappear long before consideration is even given to any Award. There will be movies for adults opening just about every week, with a small list of movies for the children. The movies The lovely Bones and Precious will hit close to home for alot of people, the subject matter is a very serious one and may be hard for many people to watch.

This is the time of year for adults to cheer about, the next few weeks will be like an oasis for the mature movie goer. My suggestion to all of you who love movies is to go out and enjoy several of these, the first few months of 2010 will bring another wave of seriously bad movies. So rush out and take in several of the above listed movies. I know I will.

The Cynic

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