Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disney's Next Giants Are The G-Force Guinea Pigs?

In November of 1928 a man with a simple idea gave America what would later become a little giant, Mickey Mouse appeared in his first carton with sound. Since his introduction on the silver screen Walt Disney has shown us that if we just believe, we can see an elephant fly, and a lion become a king. Now comes Special Agent Guinea Pigs. "G-Force" is the newest creation from the studio behind the ears.

G-Force is a covert Government team of Guinea Pigs trained by Ben (Zach Galifianakis) comprised of three agents, Darwin (Sam Rockwell) is the squad leader, Blaster (Tracy Morgan) is the explosive expert with an adrenaline junky, Juarez (Penelope Cruz) and a mole Speckles (Nicolas Cage), who is the teams computer specialist. On the eve of a special over site meeting Ben tells the team that they need to prove themselves or they will be shut down, he sends the team on a covert mission to infiltrate the mansion of a diabolical billionaire, who plans to taking over the world with household appliances. Saber (Bill Nighy) has been secretly adding his own personal chip to his products and now he plans on turning them on.

The team is actually able to retrieve the information that they were sent to recover, unknown to Darwin though, at the time he downloaded the file he also captured a virus, the information once uploaded would look harmless. When Special Agent in Charge Kip Killian (Will Arnett) sees this he tells Ben that he is going to be shut down. The team is watching Ben get chewed out by Killian and they decide that to save the day they have to escape from the lab. The team escapes by getting onto a delivery truck that unfortunately takes them to a pet store, there they meet Hurley (Jon Favreau) and a hamster named Bucky (Steve Buscemi) who may or may not be part ferret. The team tries to get away but Blaster and Juarez are bought by Connor (Tyler Patrick Jones) and Penny (Piper Mackenzie Harris) while Speckles will pretend to be dead so he can be buried in the back yard and burrow his way to freedom. That plan goes awry from the start and he is tossed in a garbage truck. The G-Force team is chased by two Agents, Trigstad (Gabriel Casseus) and Carter (Jack Conley) they make these guys regret that as they regroup to save the day.

Bucky is the one who inadvertently frees Darwin and then pushes Hurley out as well, Darwin is not to happy that Hurley is now in the hunt for the right chip and Darwin reluctantly lets him tag along. When Darwin is attacked by one of Saber's machines he knows that they must get the info to Ben so that they can come up with an idea together. when he gets back to where Ben is he finds that Blaster and Juarez have escaped from the family that bought them. Ben tells the group that they are the last hope because no one else believes him, the team goes into action once again and decides they have to destroy the super chip by downloading it's own virus into its memory. The team that now includes Hurley springs into action, they meet the man behind Saber's quest for domination and it isn't who you would expect. The team saves the day with help from the one member they didn't think would be so desperately essential.

The G-Force team gets the recognition they wanted and some new friends join the flock, Bucky and three mice are now a part of the group, Darwin gives Hurley his own Rookie Agent badge and he celebrates with the rest of the team. This is the first 3-D movie produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, his touch of magic can be felt in the story, his tendency for loud action scenes even comes out here in a Disney movie. The voices all seem to fit the characters and Blaster seems to always be having the most fun. Darwin takes his leadership role to heart and when he learns he can relax and have fun, the rest of the team enjoys themselves right along with him.

I give G-Force a 3 and on my avoidance scale a 0, this is a movie that families will enjoy and parents can relax and not worry about language or more darker themes, this movie will be loved by children of most ages and dads you can sit back and have a great time with this movie as well, the 3-D effects seem to work the best if you sit to the right or left of the screen, they seem to jump right off and into your lap.

G-Force is rated PG for some Mild Action and Rude Humor
Running time is 1 hr. 28 mins.

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