Monday, March 16, 2009

As Dumb As It Was, I Still Laughed At Miss March

Miss March tells the story of Eugene (Cregger) who awakens from a four-year coma to hear that his once virginal high-school sweetheart, Cindi (Alessi) has since become a naked centerfold in a men’s magazine. He and his sex-crazed best friend Tucker(Moore) decide to take a cross- country road trip in order to crash a party at the magazine’s legendary headquarters and win back the girl.

Everyone once in a while a movie comes around that most critics hate and I love. Well here is a movie that I thought was completely hilarious. I was actually dreading going to see this movie, thinking it was going to be another one of those stupid sex comedies. I remember a few weeks back someone mentioned to me that movie was hilarious and that it will be underrated. I just kind of laughed. Well, now I feel stupid. Here's what will happen though. The movie will open this weekend, much like Sex Drive, and make absolutely no money. It will go unseen and just be a waste of a good comedy. Then, in a couple of months we will probably see another Scary Movie or some kind of awful spoof movie like Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans and that will make number one at the box office. Is this a great movie? It has the same aspects as every sex movie where there are road trips involved and just gross out humor. For some reason though, I was dying laughing. It just hits really hard at moments and those moments are just absolutely golden. Miss March stars Trevor Moore (who looks exactly like Jim Carrey) and Zach Cregger. Let me say this, both Zach and Trevor wrote, directed and both star in the film as well. These guys are hilarious!The flick also stars the always funny Craig Robinson, Raquel Alessi and Molly Stanton. The plot line is not original at all but that is okay because it is the jokes that make it hilarious. Eugene (Cregger) and Tucker (Moore) are 2 best friends that happened to find a Playboy Magazine when they were young kids. Tucker being the horny one, latched on to it and became a subscriber when he was of age. Eugene on the other hand is the mature friend and when we meet him in high school, he is still a virgin, while Tucker has already had sex with 12 different girls. Eugene's girlfriend, Cindi (Alessi), starts putting pressure on him to have sex and when the big night finally comes, Eugene falls down a flight of stairs putting him into a four year coma. He wakes up four years later to find that everyone has left him, including his father. The only person who stuck around for him is his best friend Tucker. To make a long story short, Tucker and Eugene find out that Eugene's girlfriend Cindi is now a Playboy model so they decide to go on a road trip to Los Angeles. Eugene is still in love with her and wants her back. They get some help along the way with famous rapper, Horsedick.Mpeg (played hilariously by Craig Robinson). Remember, these kids are poor and Tucker is just insane. He happens to be running away from his girlfriend who he just had a bad sexual encounter with. Overall, this movie is just a gem in the comedy department. I received the dirtiest looks from people as I walked out of the movie. I couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie. I will say that the majority of the negative comments that I heard were people saying the film was too offensive. I think that is what makes the movie so great. It pushes the envelope of crude humor. If anything, I would compare it to Van Wilder in the fact that it's not the greatest movie ever but it will make you laugh your ass off. These two guys, Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore, are hilarious together. I couldn't believe when I read that they wrote and directed the film as well. That just blew me away because they are young guys. I wish the movie was getting more advertisements and talk because this is a comedy that everyone will enjoy. Listen, this is not an original premise and the flick will not win any awards but there were at least a dozen scenes where I was laughing so hard. I lost it! It is the style of humor where you are just grossed out beyond belief. They really pushed the R-rated envelope. I feel bad giving this film such a high rating but I am not going to lie. I was entertained and it actually made my evening. I would love to see it again right now. Craig Robinson really brightens the movie with his hilarious rapper character. Stupid beyond belief, but hilariously funny if you like this sort of movie. I sure did. A super funny 3 on my "Go See" scale.

WTF Moment: After the hilarious telling of Tucker's awful anniversary with Candace, if you look closely you'll notice that the marks on Candace's face move repeatedly. There is even an obvious moment late in the movie where Tucker talks to Candace face-to-face and you can see that the marks over her nose that were there earlier have disappeared but return in a later scene.

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